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Simple Roulette Betting System

By Henry Tamburin


Roulette is a tough casino game to beat. It’s not like players haven’t been trying but it’s hard to overcome the casino’s built in 5.36% edge.


There is one thing you can do to cut the casino edge in half and increase your chance of winning – play roulette on a single rather than a double zero wheel, or, play roulette in Atlantic City where casinos offer the surrender rule.


Single 0 roulette is available in several Las Vegas casinos including Stratosphere, Bellagio, Caesar’s palace, Wynn, and others (for a complete list go to the roulette page on ( When the roulette balls lands in the 0 or 00 pocket you lose only half your bet on the even money payoff wagers.  These are wagers on the outside of the layout - red/black, odd/even, or the high/low numbers. By saving half your bet, the casino's edge is reduced from 5.26% to a more respectable 2.7%.


If you want to lower the casino edge even more you’ll have to buy a plane ticket to Europe. Casinos there offer single zero roulette games with the en prison rule which cuts the casinos edge to a low 1.35%.


By the way here is how en prison works. If you make a bet on a red number (or any other even payoff bet) and the ball lands in 0, you will not lose your bet. The bet will remain on the layout for the next spin. If the next spin results in a red number winning your bet is taken "out of prison" and returned to you (you only get your bet back and not any winnings). If a black number wins on the next spin, your en prisoned bet would be lost.


Is there other practical ways to beat the wheel? One way is find a bias wheel, which is a wheel that has some imperfections (like worn frets) that result in certain specific numbers or sections of numbers around the wheel to win more frequently than the odds predict. This takes a lot of wheel watching and tracking before you can validate that indeed you have found a statistically significant bias wheel. But, you can do what Frank Scoblete advocates and simply bet on the numbers that have been hitting more frequently than other numbers. The reason may be due to a bias and if so, you’ll cash in. If the result is just an anomaly, so what? You’ll only be facing the normal casino edge so there is no penalty for betting on numbers that hit more than others.


Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no betting or playing systems that can eliminate the casino’s edge on a wheel that has no bias. That includes all the different cancellation, Martingale, and other systems that you may have read or heard about. That’s not to say that all roulette playing and betting systems are bad. As long as you know going in that the odds are not going to change and you stay away from the “double-my-bet-till I win” type systems, they have the advantage of forcing a player to bet in an organized way. This is often better than a fanatic roulette punter who frantically places chips all over the layout till the last second without any rhyme or reason.


Here is a playing system that is fun to play and with a little luck, can be rewarding. It focuses on betting the dozens and it works like this.


First decide which dozen you want to bet on first (either the numbers 1 through 12, or 13 through 24 or 25 through 36). Let’s assume you start betting with one chip on the first dozen (numbers 1 through 12) and it wins. The dealer will pay you 2 chips as winnings. Take one of your winning chips and place it on the second dozen (numbers 13 through 24). Take the second winning chip and set it aside. Let the original one chip on the first dozen ride. You now have one chip on the first dozen, a second chip on the second dozen, and the initial chip bet set aside. In essence you used your profits to make the second series of bets, which covers 24 (or 63%) of the 38 roulette numbers and still have the initial chip you started with.


Let's now assume lady luck shines on you and the winning roulette numbers on consecutive spins are in the first and second dozen of numbers. You will progress your bet size following these wins as follows.


When you win the dealer will remove the one losing chip from one of the dozen numbers and pay you 2 winning chips for the other. Take one of your chips and put it back on the dozen numbers that just lost and set the second chip aside. Win again and the dealer will remove one chip and pay you two. Again replace the losing dozen number with a chip and pull back the second chip. From the last two winning coups you have two chips set aside. Take these two chips and add one to the first dozen and the second to the second dozen. You now have two chips riding on the first dozen and two chips on the second dozen.


If you win again you repeat the process. Keeps two chips aside and replace the losing dozen bet with two chips. Win again, and you increase your bets on the first and second dozen to three chips. After three more winning spins you increase your bets to four chips on the first dozen and four chips on the second dozen. The progression continues in the same manner: 4 consecutive wins then increase to 5 chips, 5 consecutive wins then increase to 6 chips, etc.


As you move up the betting progression you will be keeping part of your profits and using the rest to gradually increase your bet size. At any time that you lose both of your dozen bets on the same spin, you revert back to the basic one chip bet on the first dozen and start the betting progression over.


If you analyze this betting method you will see that it involves increasing your bets following consecutive wins, pulling back  part of each winning bet, a predetermined organized method of betting (dozens), and decreasing your bet size following a loss so you will never be chasing your losses. It is a smart and patient way to play roulette. Just remember that when you get ahead, plan to walk away with your profits.


Will you break the bank with this roulette playing and betting system? Over the long run, no. Remember that this system, like all others for roulette, do not change the overall casino’s edge. What they will do is give you a shot at winning more money over the short run if you are lucky enough to hit on consecutive spins. And while you’re playing don’t forget to get rated. The cash and other freebies you’ll get back from the casinos will help reduce your overall cost of playing.